Improving CPU Speed

Improving CPU Speed

When the computer processor has slowed down, you feel like throwing it out the window. Fortunately, there are good ways for you to improve CPU speed. For instance, a pretty common tactic for raising the speed of your computer is – overclocking. This process involves bringing some changes in the CPU clock’s speed. This can easily manage the pace at which your computer’s processor operates. (Please read this whole post through.)Get started by powering up the computer and waiting a couple of seconds till the startup display appears. This display is the screen appearing onto your computer some seconds following your turning the PC on. It will list different parts inside your computer (it usually appears in black & white). It could be blue & white sometimes. Hit “F1″ or “Delete” (it depends on who the manufacturer of the computer is). There are different keys for accessing the BIOS of the PC while the display of the startup shows. Then you need to hit “Advanced Chipset Features” that you can easily find onto the BIOS’ main menu. Then press “Enter.”

Also locate the feature that reads “CPU Multiplier.” Then press “Enter.” Take a look at your screen’s left to view the CPU multiplier the processor operates. It is a basic strategy to gauge the CPU speed. Then press “Enter” onto the CPU multiplier tool. It’s your first option. Then you’ll have a word “manual” or “auto” right next to that. If it’s on auto, you need to alter it into the manual option and then press “Enter” once again. You will see the window appearing. It will request a number. Just type the number which is a level over the current multiplier of the CPU. For instance, if the multiplier of the CPU is 5x you are supposed to type 6. Then hit “F10″ for saving these changes you have brought to your CPU multiplier. Then it is time your reset the computer. You now have to download Prime 95. Get it installed on your computer. Then you have to open your program. It’s now time you ran a “Torture Test.” Just in case you did not know already, the Prime 95 happens to be a program that is meant especially for one purpose – testing the CPU till its limits through running it at its full load. As you run the Torture Test, the computer could shut down as the CPU turns too hot following the CPU ran at a speed much higher than usual. When the PC just shuts down, you need to turn it on and go to BIOS again. Then access your CPU multiplier to change it again to the original level. Then press “F10.” You can always restart the computer for restoring the original settings. These things matter a lot when you want to improve the CPU speed of your computer.

As computers are constantly upgrading and changing, check with your manufacturer and follow specific directions for your particular computer or laptop. Changing the BIOs settings might be better left to professional computer repair. This blog was submitted by a computer techie who may or may not have used the most up to date computer. Please see previous post which a novice can do on a computer.

CPU Speed – How to Improve Your Speed

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